Make Life Simple.

Hire a Chef!

Whether it’s a destination private retreat, a holiday party, weekly prepared meals, group food demo classes, or boosting your company’s health and wellness ethos, The Alkalign Cafe understands 
the importance of a meal beyond the food. 
It’s one of an experience that lingers in the mind and tastebuds. 
We are passionate about providing quality ingredients 
and services to host a best-in-class dining experience, bringing you cutting edge food and nutrition information, and helping you level up your health.


What We Specialize In:

Health and wellness education

Alkalinity/ pH balance

Ayurvedic diets

High performance/athletic diets

Therapeutic diets, including but not limited to diabetes, cancer, hypertension, allergies, autoimmune disorders, GI disorders, obesity/weight loss, mental health, gluten sensitivities, and celiac.

Plant-based, vegan, raw

Medical Medium’s protocols

Food demos/classes

Parties, catering, events, wellness retreats

Culinary Services:

Weekly Meal Delivery:

Menus will be different each week and sent out every Tuesday via text or email. Orders are due every Friday by 11:59 PM. Deliveries are every Sunday and a drop-off time will be sent out once orders are confirmed. All orders can be customized to fully raw, if desired.
Prices are as follows (per meal, per person):
Dinners: $65 
Lunches: $45 
Breakfasts: $32
Snacks/Sides/Desserts: $22
All meals are 100% organic using whole food plant-based/vegan ingredients and stored in individual sized eco-friendly disposable containers. Rates include food costs, grocery shopping, storage containers (with food labels), serving/heating instructions, and sales tax/admin fees.
*A 5 meal minimum order per person is required.
**A 10% discount is applied on orders if you choose to enroll in our reusable containers program. Cost of containers will be applied to the first order and provided for initial delivery. A set of 10 glass/Pyrex containers is required per person per 5 meals so these can be rotated out. If you wish to provide your own glass containers, the initial meal delivery will be served in our eco-friendly disposable containers and your glass containers will be picked up and used for the following week’s delivery (the discount will be applied to your order the following week).


Personal Chef: 

Based on your needs, Chef Drea will meal prep a minimum 5 meals for the week. Chef Drea will come to your home and prepare the meals of your choice. What’s included?  All of the meal planning (per our consult), grocery shopping, meal prepping, cleanup, and reheating instructions (where applicable)! You will have a fridge full of your favorite delicious, healthy meals that will keep you fueled and energized! Contact for quotes, questions, and booking!





$22/snacks, sides, desserts

*Payment is due upfront to secure booking which includes cost of meals, groceries, and any storage containers client requests to be supplied by Alkalign Cafe.

**An hourly rate of $65 is applied after each additional hour worked after 4 hours of meal prepping and is invoiced separately (payment due day of service).

***An additional 10% travel fee is applied for locations outside a 25-mile service radius and is added to the initial invoice.


Private Chef:

Chef Drea will do all of the menu planning, shopping, prep, cooking, serving and clean up. Chef Drea will adhere to any of your special dietary or eating restrictions to accommodate. Additionally, Chef Drea will be your right-hand woman for your entertaining schedule including planning and executing meals for small, intimate dinner parties, large casual outdoor celebrations, formal holiday gatherings, or hosting out of town guests at the daily table. Contact us for inquiries!


Food Classes/Demos:

Cultivate your kitchen empowerment with one of Chef Drea’s fun and inspiring bioelectric cooking classes!

Want to learn the foundations of a healthy, raw, vegan lifestyle? Want to understand more intimately nutrition and the methods behind the madness of sprouting, fermenting, dehydrating, meal planning, food combining, pH balance, vibrational foods, etc.? Then this is for you! Chef Drea will conduct private classes/demos virtually or in-person, for 1:1, small groups, or events.

The Alkalign Cafe will create a custom menu for you based on your favorite foods or whatever it is you have been eager to master. You dream it, we can make it happen! We also have an extensive library of sample menus to choose from. Classes range from 3 to 6 recipes that you get to learn, and are are approximately 1-4 hours long with breaks in between to enjoy the deliciously colorful and nourishing food.


Prices start at $375/person – 3 recipes; 2 hours; includes groceries

$475/person – 4 recipes; 2-3 hours; includes groceries

$675/person – 6 recipes; 3-4 hours; includes groceries

*Payment is due upfront to secure booking.

**An additional 10% travel fee is applied for locations outside a 25-mile service radius.


Retreats/Corporate Events/Private events:

Need a health-focused private chef for your upcoming retreat, dinner party, corporate event? Let’s connect and chat about your needs!


*Prices start at $127/person/day. 

**On-site labor, food, sales tax, 10% gratuity, travel fees, administrative and insurance fees are all added costs to consider when planning your experience or event. Please also note that beverages and any kitchen or event rentals are not included and subject to additional pricing.

***A 50% deposit is required upfront to secure date for bookings made 30 days or more in advance. The remaining balance is due 2 weeks prior to date of event. For bookings made less than 30 days in advance, the full payment is due upfront to secure date. 

***Contact us for inquiries, quotes, and booking***



Need a health-focused vegan/plant-based chef to boost your company’s health and wellness ethos? Let’s connect and chat about your needs!

Restaurants and hospitality

Corporate health and wellness consulting

Menu building, audit, and refreshes

Recipe creation

Cooking/food demo classes

Eco-friendly, zero-waste kitchens

Help opening a new kitchen

Food safety awareness

Alkalign diet programs and training

Staff training (cooks, chefs, line, managers and wait staff)

Reduce your impact on the environment

Menu development for restaurants, high-end luxury hotels and resorts, schools.

Nutrition and culinary workshops for companies, universities, and schools

Wellness and culinary workshops in luxury departmental stores

*Contact for inquiries, quotes, and booking*

**Hourly rates and container options available**