1:1 Personalized Coaching

Do you want to learn how to adopt a bio electric plant-based lifestyle, but not sure where to start?

Are you tired of letting food control your life?

Are you sick and tired of being sick and tired?

Are you ready to heal your gut, elevate your mind, improve your overall health, and cultivate a harmonious relationship with food once and for all?

Does figuring out what to eat throughout the week leave you overwhelmed and resorting to take out or frozen dinners?

Is the lack of support from your peers, co-workers, and family leaving you feeling isolated and questioning whether you’re on the right path for you?

Did your doctor prescribe you a plant-based diet because they simply can’t figure out what else could be the solution for your mysterious auto-immune disease?

Have you been attempting to eat plant-based or vegan, but you never actually felt GREAT eating the way you were? Did that said diet leave you feeling sluggish and overweight?

Are you simply just bored of the same old routine meals you make on repeat and want to learn how to make fun, delicious, easy, simple, and nourishing meals that leave you feeling like a 5-star chef in your own kitchen?

Then my 1:1 personalized coaching programs are just the solution!

I will create a custom program tailored to you.

Here’s what you can expect when working with me:

Expect to learn the foundations of a bio electric plant-based diet and lifestyle that supports your health and wellness goals, leaving you feeling confident and grounded in your transformation.

Establish healthy eating habits and unlock the barriers that have been holding you back from food freedom, healthy digestion, harmonized sleep-wake patterns, and a healthy mind and mood.

Navigate grocery stores, dining out, social groups, and traveling plant-based and feel confident that you can keep to your goals and values no matter what.

Learn how to shop like a pro, create a weekly meal plan, and learn how to master meal prep.

Master the art and science of creating nourishing, high-vibe plant-based meals that leave you feeling your most energized and aligned self.

Achieve discipline, consistency, and accountability with your coaching guiding you every step of the way while giving you the freedom to harness your own intuition.

Having struggled on my own journey navigating the vegan/plant-based diet, lifestyle, and food scene, dealing with constant patterns of emotional eating, chronic health issues, and lacking the knowledge and support system in order to be successful on my health and wellness journey, I understand the challenges of following a different path and creating a sustainable, healthy lifestyle that actually works!

My programs and dishes are not just plant-based. They are nutritionally and energetically optimized so that the food you consume is easy to digest, gives you the most energy, regenerates your health at the cellular level, hydrating, and solves your “food sensitivity” issues.

Not only that, but my health, lifestyle, mindset, and cooking hacks make your transformation easy, simple, and sustainable. 

Book your complimentary consultation with me and unlock your greatest potential.