My name is Andrea (Drea) Anoka. I am the head chef and owner of The Alkalign Lifestyle Cafe.
I am a Midwest Native – born in Iowa and raised in Minnesota –
and gravitated toward the California lifestyle. I am a foodie at heart
who fell in love with nourishing my body, mind, and soul through food. 

I am a fitness model, athlete, muse,  holistic health and wellness coach, and a professional chef. I founded and operate The Alkalign Lifestyle Cafe. I  have an extensive background in health and wellness with a B.S. in Health Sciences from Arizona State University, a Graduate Certificate in Life Coaching from Grand Canyon University, and 18+ years in the food and beverage, catering, and hospitality industries.

I  was also the raw vegan chef and health educator at An Oasis of Healing Cancer Care Clinic, helping cancer patients heal from their disease and learn the foundations of a living foods lifestyle. 

Born in Cedar Rapids, IA and raised in Mankato, MN, I was accustomed to the standard Midwest diet. I grew up knowing nothing about nutrition or real food and lived off of a diet of highly processed, meat heavy, sugar addictive, acidic, nutrient depleted foods. 

"I believe all disease is created from mineral deficiencies in the body by eating an acidic diet and living an acidic lifestyle. All disease can be healed by eating a bioelectric living foods Alkalign diet and living an Alkalign lifestyle. If you follow me, I will show you a new way.” - Chef Drea Anoka