Retreat Catering

I see retreats as a place to connect, expand, and nourish. The food is vital to this, and I am committed to matching the retreat’s energy with intentional food preparation.

I am self-taught, and trained in holistic nutrition, classic culinary, Ayurvedic cooking, raw food cuisine, medicinal food, and more. I also am a holistic health and wellness coach and understand the importance of bringing high vibrational ingredients to every meal I serve.

Each meal is carefully crafted with love and care, and infused with solfeggio sound frequencies to elevate the consciousness and promote deeper cellular support.

I bring not only food to retreats but also aligned assistants (most of them are also wellness experts), intentional beverages (I always source the best quality, most alive water to bring to every retreat I cater. BONUS if your venue has access to living water/quality well water), and an overall energetic ambiance.

This menu guide reflects popular styles of retreat-style catering, but customization is always available. It’s very important to me to be an asset to the retreat, and for the food to help empower both the hardworking leaders as well as the participants in their journey.

I am a full-time California resident, and am very familiar with the area’s local produce, vendors, and products, as well as other popular destinations such as Sedona, AZ.

I aim to provide 100% local and/or organic produce, breads and more. I always prioritize farm-to-table, emphasize bio-electric foods, and strive to practice zero waste as much as possible. Please note: I do no use any animal-based ingredients.

Retreat catering is a fully immersive experience, and although the work is labor-intensive physically and mentally, it is a true honor to support sacred space. Thank you for your consideration in bringing me into your intentional event.

Pricing: Contact for a quote.

*On-site labor, food, sales tax, gratuity, travel and admin fees, and traveler’s insurance are all added costs to consider when planning your experience or event. Please note that alcohol is not included. Any kitchen or event rentals are not included and subject to additional pricing. 

** A 25% deposit is required upfront to secure bookings made 3 months or more in advance. For bookings made less than 3 months in advance, a 50% deposit is required. For bookings made less than 30 days in advance, a full payment is due up front to secure date.