Retreat Catering 

A Transformative Experience for All

Retreats are a sacred space for inner growth, evolution, connection, and nourishment. The culinary element is pivotal in shaping the experience and I am committed to honoring the integrity of each and every retreat on an individual and unique basis.

While primarily self-taught, my expertise extends to various culinary disciplines such as holistic nutrition, classic culinary techniques, Ayurvedic cooking, raw food cuisine, medicinal foods, hormonal balancing, and more.

Additionally, I hold such qualifications as a holistic health and wellness coach, recognizing the significance of incorporating high vibrational ingredients into every dish I create.

Every meal I prepare is thoughtfully crafted with affection and attention to detail. I integrate solfeggio sound frequencies into the cooking process to enhance consciousness and facilitate profound cellular support.

Not only do I bring high vibrational food and beverages to the retreat, but I also bring high vibrational staff, most of whom are health and wellness experts themselves.

This menu guide showcases the popular retreat-style catering options I offer, with the flexibility for customization based on your needs. My goal is to be a valuable asset to your retreat, ensuring that the food nourishes and enhances the overall experiences of the hard-working leaders and participants throughout their journey.

I am committed to providing ingredients that are 100% locally sourced and/or organic, including produce, bread, and other items. Emphasizing seed-to-table practices, promoting bio-electric foods, and actively working to reduce waste are central to my culinary philosophy.

Retreat catering is a deeply immersive experience that demands significant physical and mental exertion. It is an honor for me to contribute to creating sacred spaces at intentional events. Thank you for considering me as your caterer for your upcoming event!